Solution situation puzzles. Leather.


Juego de ingenio


The solution of this puzzle is not too high, though the rigidity and the measurement of the materials used might make it difficult for you to find it. First of all, check that the dimensions are the same or proportional to the ones given. Then, follow these steps to solve the puzzle:

- Place the center of the rope on the upper part of the slots in the leather (the further spot from the hole) and put the hole rope behind the leather piece (on the part you can't see on the picture).

- Without letting the center of the rope move, take the upper part of the leather piece through the hole from behind to the front (following the direction of the rope).

- If the center of the rope hasn't moved from the upper part of the slots, now the balls can go through them and release the rope solving the puzzle.

- Now you just have to reassemble the puzzle to start again.