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Riddle. 5.


On a table there are three black and two white hats .

Three gentlemen in single file a hat randomly and without looking each color are made .

It asks the third row , you can see the color of the hat second and first, if you can tell the color of his hat , to which a negative answer.

It asks the second he sees only the hat first and neither can answer the question .

Finally the first row sees no hat responds correctly what color hat she wore .

What is this color and what is the logic I use to know?





The last row can see the hat color of his companions, if you can not know which is the color of yours is because the other two are not white , so are the two or black or one of each color.

The second row can see the color of the hat first and has already figured out what he thought the third if not answer the question is because he sees the color of the former it is black , if white know that theirs is black .

The first for the same approach follows that his hat is black .