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14. Three brothers inheritance from his father that consists of 35 horses and the will says his father wrote that the greatest stay with half of the inheritance, the medium with the third party and the smaller the spread ninth

As the divisions were not accurate these they could not agree, so they decided to consult an old mathematician who proposed them the following:

Since 35 horses can not be divided exactly in half, or by a third party or by the ninth, I will present my own, now have 36 horses so the three go out winning. Your being the oldest you'll take half of 36, ie 18 horses. Your being the medium third, 12 horses. And you as the small according to the desires of your father, the ninth, 4 horses.

Now you have three your inheritance, as 18 + 12 + 4 = 34 now redundant two horses, so I recovered mine and also I'll take the other to solve your problem.

How is this possible?




The sum of the percentages of inheritance is 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/9 = 17/18 so by making the distribution of the 35 horses have left over 1/18 of these , which is the equivalent of a horse Full and part of another .

This horse is incomplete part of which is distributed more among the brothers so that they can carry whole horse and another horse to spare with the mathematician are the two horses that this takes .