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Neuron juice.

The important thing is not to stop questioning. (Albert Einstein.)

This section might not agree with the content of Neuron Juice, but it has been included knowing that if you build the kaleidocycle shown at the end of the text you will be as amazed as I was when I discovered it thanks to Rodolfo Valeiras, author of the site 'Heureka'.

Kaleidocycles are geometric rings with the distinctive feature of spinning on its axis. Building it is as easy as printing and cutting the picture in a kind of rigid paper, bending it correctly and sticking the flaps to build the figure.

The kaleidocycle I am suggesting you is the hexagonal one that is included in the amazing work 'M.C.  Escher Calidociclo' by Doris Schattschneider'and Wallace Walker publisher 'Taschen' English ISBN 978-0764931109.

Desarrollo calidociclo hexagonal

Copy-paste the picture in any image processing software, change the size and print it on thick paper. Cut the outline of the picture and the dividing lines on the lower flaps, so we have two right-angled triangles. Bend on the vertical lines to the front and on the oblique ones to the back. Stick the rectangular flaps to the opposite edges (the upper ones on the picture), with the flaps inside of the resulting chain of tetrahedrons. When the glue is dry, spin it to create a ring, stick the ends and let it dry completely before handling the kaleidocycle.